NLI Retail

Enhancing retailers across Canada and the US with the prompt and effective fulfillment and handling of their on-line markets. The growth in on-line presence of major Canadian retailers enabled New Line to successfully grow from the incentives and loyalty markets to the ultra competitive world of on-line retail.

Through the successful experience achieved with the loyalty and corporate divisions, it enabled New Line to revolutionize the shipping and handling model as it existed at the time. Expanding its role from straight shipping and handling, New Line is able to provide a full supply chain solution from product procurement and liaison to distributors to maintaining the high standards of customer experience offered to the end user by the clients we represent.

Now our flag ship division, NLI Retail can help clients expand their geographical reach while minimizing infrastructure. NLI has successfully partnered with international manufacturers and provided distribution channels to enter and thrive in the Canadian market. We have acted as an agent between overseas manufacturers and retailers to develop customized product lines, aiding the distribution of unique product lines that strengthen the corporate advantage.