NLI Loyalty

NLI has been supplying and sourcing product for all the major incentive and loyalty programs in Canada for the last 10 years. Partnering with category leading brands and focusing on customer service have been our driving strengths since our company’s inception.

The loyalty division is the cornerstone of New Line Incentives. It is where our story begun. Starting with only a handful of accounts and brands, New Line Incentives grew into the company we are today. Following the success of pioneer loyalty programs such as Air Miles and Aeroplan, marketing companies sought to bring the rewards and retention programs directly to service organizations, bringing about the loyalty market as we recognize it today.

In the early days, the leadership of the loyalty division through first class customer service coupled with an eye for identifying top sought after brands saw it grow at lightning speed. Now a leader in the industry, the loyalty division plays a visionary role, working closely with manufacturers and distributors to pilot the introductions of brands to the consumer market through retention and appreciation programs that later become in demand products in retail markets at large.

The Loyalty division now represents 180+ brands ranging from fashion and electronics, to sports gear and housewares servicing every major loyalty program in Canada. New Line Incentives is recognized as a go-to source of knowledge and strategic guidance for organizations looking to develop/design loyalty programs for their clients.