NLI Corporate

NLI Corporate begun in 2007 as a one-stop shop for manufacturers and distributors to introduce their products to restricted/membership only buying groups. Since then its services have expanded from providing small- and mid size resellers the opportunity to access discounts through volume/aggregate procurement to becoming a strategic partner with health organization fund raising lotteries and corporate events.

After the success of loyalty programs offered by service industries such as banks and major retailers, organizations begun to run loyalty promotions and campaigns on limited time promotions managed in-house for their clients. The corporate sales group is sought after as a trusted advisor to provide a variety of in demand high quality products and to see the fulfillment and handling of these programs.

Now an established division within NLI Solutions, the corporate group has successfully partnered up with lotteries and other large scale nation-wide capital fundraising programs, overseeing the entire supply chain management of products offered as prizes and awards.