Our Team

Robert Martella

President & CEO

A natural leader, Martella’s ability to identify opportunities and relationships quickly in the midst of complex situations has been the root of success for New Line Incentives. Small business is the heart of the Canadian economy, and countless individuals dream of becoming entrepreneurs and small business owners. Making that dream real takes dedication, hard work and planning. It was that dream that in 2003 led Martella to found New Line Incentives Inc. as a Loyalty supply company. The company quickly grew and entered the Corporate channel in 2009 and the retail fulfillment markets in 2010. Expanding the supply chain has led the opening of its own distribution center in 2014.

New Line Incentives, which later became NLI Solutions, was built on exceptional customer service and an exciting and innovative work environment. In small businesses, where there is no depth of management, the leader must meet all needs. It is Martella’s tenacity, diversity, positive outlook and ability to tackle problems immediately with confidence and persistence in their pursuit of NLI’s objectives that built the strong foundation that is now a multi-million dollar corporation.

Martella’s training in the IT world taught him to have a never-ending sense of urgency to develop ideas to the fullest and not be limited by known boundaries, to be comfortable in stress situations and be challenged rather than discouraged by setbacks or failures. Martella’s ability to recognize top talent and think outside the box allowed him to build a strong, diverse and sometimes unconventional executive team. By supporting people’s strengths and championing their success, both employees and clients, he quickly understood that win-win is the secret to long lasting relationships, key to loyalty and mutual success.

Martella has received many achievements and accolades, most recently being awarded the Young Entrepreneur of the Year by the Markham Board of Trade in 2014.

In his own words:
“It has been a challenging and exciting path since the inception of New Line Incentives and now to NLI Solutions. It is inspiring to see how the company has evolved and grown over the years. We have a great team here at NLI Solutions that can adapt to change. I would be remiss not to mention my personal belief as to the top three keys to success: Hard work, honest and fair business practices, and having a strong, intelligent and pretty wife”.

Catherine Smith

VP, Loyalty Divison

Catherine is the vice president of NLI Solutions Loyalty Division.

As the second longest serving member of the organization, Catherine has been key in the evolution, growth and development of the company.

Catherine’s flair for entrepreneurship resulted in her owning and operating a dance and performance academy for 12 years. Catherine has brought a wealth of knowledge in both customer service and training and development to her position at NLI. Furthermore, her family background in the industry through well renowned William Smith & Sons – founded by her great grandfather - has also provided valuable experience and industry connections that have allowed Catherine to help the company in growth and exposure.

As NLI has expanded, Catherine has focused on the development of both existing and new clients, ever increasing the quality and offerings of brands/products along with consistent improvements to customer service. In order to achieve these objectives, Catherine’s philosophy of building a dynamic team in which employees can learn, develop and have fun in the process has supported the evolution of NLI.

Catherine is excited about the new challenges and growth opportunities that face NLI Solutions and is looking forward to working with both clients and suppliers alike to meet their goals together.

In her own words:
"Working at NLI Solutions allows me the opportunity to shop for the greatest, latest brands and interact with people from all walks of life. I believe no problem is too big and honesty is the best policy. My goal is to be the leader in the loyalty/incentive market by offering the best service and product available. I am passionate about product and people! "

Christopher Doyle

VP, NLI Corporate Division

Chris is the Vice President of NLI Solutions Corporate Division.

As a University of Toronto Bachelor of Commerce graduate and with 26 years of sales experience – including 14 years as co-owner of his own sales agency – Chris brings an accomplished entrepreneurial sales background to NLI Solutions.

As one of the earlier members of the NLI team, Chris’ original mandate was to promote the company’s existing product base to various industry associations throughout Canada through the web portal Corporate Direct. From there, the corporate arm has expanded into 4 full time account reps and has major representation in a number of markets including large trade and industry associations, automotive, insurance, real estate development, packaged goods, hospitality, sales & distribution as well as provincial lottery corporations. Recently the corporate arm has branched out with new product distribution and fulfillment for large Canadian online and in-store retail organizations such as Best Buy, Future Shop, Staples and The Shopping Channel to name a few.

In his own words:
“I am proud to be a Vice- president of the ever-expanding NLI team. I take the success of both the company and its employees very personally. From the outset, my goal was to establish a foundation of commitment, effort, honesty and integrity in all of my dealings with both clients and co-workers. In the way of this universe, I firmly believe that what you reap is what you sow. To that end, I am only interested in participating in business transactions that are a win for everyone involved - our clients, their customers and our company included - all done in the spirit of great fun of course!”

Tom Talio

Strategic Partner – NLI Retail

Tom Talio serves as an independent consultant and strategic partner at NLI Solutions Inc., a leading provider of Corporate Loyalty Programs as well as Distribution and Fulfillment to Tier One on-line North American Retailers.

As a member of NLI’s strategic team, Talio alongside Martella have been jointly responsible for engineering, necessary product development, marketing, manufacturing, and distribution of NLI’s retail division consisting of distribution and fulfillment to Tier-one retailers’ on-line presence.

This strategic partnership has led to greater efficiency and productivity, as well as increased revenue growth and profitability, for the division. Talio’s experience in strategic planning, market analysis and business development, with particular emphasis on emerging supply chain channels and adjacenty opportunities proved to be a winning complement to Martella’s established retail channels, entrepreneurial spirit and front-line execution.

Before his partnership with NLI Solutions, Talio was at Samsung Canada for 11 years, gaining front line experience as a Distribution Manager, quickly growing into a Corporate Account manager and ending his tenure as a National Account manager. Prior to Samsung, Talio gained valuable experience at two top brand global electronic manufacturers as National Trainer and as Regional and National Sales representative.

Talio’s well rounded education and training includes Guelph University’s Department of Chemistry, College of Physical and Engineering Science as well as Sir Sanford Fleming College’s Business Administration Undergraduate Program.

In his own words:
“I am a retail guy at heart; I understand and love retail sales. Building relationships has allowed me to succeed. I’ve always been straightforward and honest and I stick to my beliefs regardless of how they have helped or hindered me professionally. My goal is to continue to bring new products and ideas to the retail channels and revolutionize and modernize the supply chain model along the way. Honestly my goal is to spend as much time with my family as possible while ensuring I take care of them, which is why my partnership with NLI has been nothing but sheer success. ”