Our Story

Our story began in my living room caring for my youngest daughter, after putting together a start-up strategy and a rough road map. I began to work the program, making contacts, doing product research, understanding a need and how to bring about a win/win proposition to organizations and their clients that far exceeded the traditional business model. After a few months it was clear I was onto something. We hired our first employee in 2005 to help out with the entire supply chain. Our strategy from day one was quality service above all. That is a statement that every business uses but we took it to heart. We not only we ensure quality products to our client’s customers but we ensure quality of customer care and fulfillment of promises that far exceed expectations.

In order to keep up with our growth we developed a supply chain model which included creating an ERP solution from scratch. Mid-size organizations face financial and cultural restrictions in transitioning from an entrepreneurial environment to a mid-size enterprise. At the same time we had to quickly build a solid team of professional experts to adapt our business model to revenue while maintaining a close knit family environment at work. My team has become my extended family. It has been an incredible effort by all to keep a balance between the development the original founding talent and acquiring professional skills through the labour market.

My team is as much responsible for the success of my organization as my own drive and hard work. Communication, leadership support and clear expectations are key to ensure we are all on target and working towards a common goal.

R. Martella